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Lawn Care

A patch of thin, spotty turf
A patch of thin, spotty turf
If you live in California, you are no stranger to lawn (a.k.a. grass or turf). As a kid, you probably played on it and as an adult, you've probably mowed one.  This page will provide you will valuable information about turf benefits and the problems you might encounter growing it.






UC Guide to Healthy Lawns -All you need to know when growing a lawn using little or no pesticides.

Key to Identifying Turf Grasses - This key helps you figure out what turf variety you have at home.

Watering Lawns Along California's Central Coast

Lawn Watering Guide for California

Mowing Your Lawn and Grasscycling

Managing Lawns on Heavy Soils

Managing Lawns in Shade

Lawns 'n Dogs - Information on managing a lawn if you own a dog

Lawn Information - The California Garden Web