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Seeds for Thought

A quarterly publication written and edited by volunteer Master Gardeners from Solano County.

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Winter 2021

Of Shrubs, Trees and Other Nasty Companions

Ginkgo Trees, The Golden Treasure

Fire Protection:  Landscape, Design and Maintenance

Pollinators and the Mysteries of Plant Reproductive Biology

Sustainable Solano Educational Opportunity

Master Gardener Resources

Winter Gardening Guide

PDF 1/4/21
Fall 2020

Sweet Peas! Lathyrus odoratus, Lathyrus latifolia

It's Fall-Time to Plant Spring-Blooming Bulbs

Vallejo Peoples Garden

Growing and Propagating Freesias

Climate Change/Global Warming/Climate Reality

Turn Your Kitchen Trash Into New Plants

Along Came a Spider

Master Gardener Resources

Fall Gardening Guide

PDF 10/8/20
Summer 2020

"Sheltering-in-Place" Gardening

Preservation Pointers:  A Honey of an Idea

Ten Delicious Roses

A Profile of Judy Hager:  Gold Badge Volunteer

What Birds Have You Seen or Heard in YOUR Garden?

New Year Resolutions:  Master Gardener Style

Covering the Ground with Edible California Native Strawberries

Master Gardener Succulent Extravaganza/Resources

Summer Gardening Guide

PDF 6/29/20
Spring 2020

Sneak Peek at 2020's Succulent Extravaganza (SE2)

Preservation Pointers: Our Plentiful Pretty Plums

Climates and Microclimates


Anza-Borrego Desert State Park: Date Palms

Spring Gardening Guide

Covid-19 Resources

PDF 4/20/20
Winter 2020

Flowering Heirlooms

Preservation Pointers:  Unexpected Edibles

Spotlight on Common Beneficial Insects vs Pests

Pearl Eddy, A Lifelong Learner and Adventurer

Worm Composting Basics

UCCE Master Gardeners' Dunnell Demonstration Garden:  Fairfield, CA

Plant Do Talk

Magnolia Pilgrimage

Winter Gardening Guide


PDF 1/22/20
Fall 2019

Succulent Propagation:  Why Aeoniums Plump Up in the Winter and Echeveria Don't?

Kaiser Rehabilitation

Preservation Pointers:  Pomegranates: The Jewels of Winter

A Closer Look at Which Bees Are in Your Garden

A Profile of Sherry Richards

A Flexible Program to Meet Your Lifestyle

Wreath Workshop

Fall Gardening Guide

PDF 10/31/19
Summer 2019

Growing Up: Vertical Gardening

Preservation Pointers: Spicy Summer Seasonings

Crested Succulents on the Garden Tour

Undemanding Roses

Art in the Garden

Got a Succulent Extravaganza? Yes, We Did.

An Interview with Betsy Buxton

Gardening Books for Free

Summer Gardening Guide

PDF 6/25/19
Spring 2019

Three Uncommon Garden Flowers

Preservation Pointers:  Food Safety Begins in Our Own Backyards

A Profile of Gold-Badge Volunteer Teresa Lavell

Got Soil?

Chicken in the Garden:  Benefits and Challenges

Amazing African Violets

Vietnam:  Trip Report, Part 2: Rice

Presidents' Garden:  A Book REview

Master Gardeners in the Community

Spring Gardening Guide

PDF 4/3/19
Winter 2019

Pruning and Care of Roses

Preservation Pointers: Think Spring with Asparagus

Gardening with Raised Beds:  Pros, Cons, and Process

Got Weeds? Winter Weeds

Making Room for Everybody

What is a Garden Myth?

Vietnam: Trip Report and Water Issue

Where Does Your Luffa Come From?

Winter Gardening Guide

UC Davis-Dr. Norris's Planting Guide

PDF 1/23/19
Fall 2018

Creepy Plants for a Goblin's Garden

Preservation Pointers:  Preserving the Pretty Persimmons

Meet This Master Gardener Coordinator

Got Weeds? Beautiful Weeds

A Gentle Plea for Chaos:  Book Review

Composting Leaves

It Takes a Village:  New Sensory Garden

Dormant Spray

Ode to Master Gardenering

Autumn Project Pressed Leaves

Spring Master Gardener Garden Tour

Wreath Workshop

Fall Gardening Guide

PDF 10/2/18
Summer 2018

Japanese Garden:  My Inspiration

Preservation Pointers:  Time to Try the Tangy Tomatillo

Ken Willams Sails into a New Phase of His Life

Got Weeds?  Nutsedge, Dandelion and Clover

Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter: Xylophagous Leafhopper

Tilden Regional Park

Terrific Tomatoes

Master Gardener Plant Exchange

Master Gardeners in the Community

Summer Gardening Guide

PDF 7/23/18
Spring 2018

Turkey Tail Fungus-An Intriguingly Beautiful Pernicious Invader

Preservation Pointers-Green is Good in Asian Food

UCCE Master Gardener Garden Tour

Seeds or Starts?

Inviting Butterflies to Your Garden

Water Saving Gardening-Drought or No Drought

Garden Journals

Got Weeds?

Spring Gardening Guide

Master Gardeners in the Community 

PDF 4/12/18
Winter 2018

Rain Gardens

Preservation Pointers:  Brussels Sprouts: Nutritional Powerballs

Salvias:  So Many to Choose From

UC Master Gardeners Garden Tour

Botanical Stammering

Long Fingers of Gardening

Winter Gardening Guide

PDF 1/11/18
Fall 2017

Why Edibles?

Preservation Pointers: What to Do with Green Tomatoes

Meet the Master Gardeners

Flowering Plants for Your Winter Garden

Creating a Moon Garden

Is that Gardening Book Worth It?

International Master Gardener Conference Update

Wreath Workshop

Fall Gardening Guide

Gardeners in the Community

Garden Tour

PDF 10/3/17
Summer 2017

Water for Birds in Your Garden

Preservation Pointers: Time for the Tasty Tomato

Caution! Coming Soon! Asian Citrus Psyllid

Critter Protection

Sustainability Through Permaculture in Solano County

Bee Bullies

Sugar-Free Berry Jam Recipe

Master Gardener Plant Exchange

Spring Gardening Guide

Gardeners in the Community

PDF 7/18/17
Spring 2017

Return of a Beauty

Preservation Pointers: Strawberries

Nutritional Powerhouse

Growing to Fight Ellergies

Are There Grounds in Your Ground?

CCPP: A Treasure Trove for Citrus Growers

Mosquitos:  Vectors of Desease

Master Gardener Plant Exchange

Master Gardeners in the Community

PDF 4/4/17
Winter 2017

Protect Your Plants and Trees From Frost

Preservation Pointers:  Roasted Winter Vegetables

How to Maintain Felco Pruners

What Happened to Compost?

Curing Family Olives

UC Master Gardeners in the Community

Fall Gardening Guide

PDF 1/10/17
Fall 2016

Improve Your Soil with Cover Crops

Drought Tolerant Winter Garden

Hiring a Landscape Maintenance Company

Preservation Pointers:  Awesome Avocado

Water Lilies in Your Garden

Unexpected Gifts

Wreath Workshop

Fall Gardening Guide

Mater Gardener Resource Guide

Vegetable Planting Guide

PDF 10/3/16
Summer 2016

Hugelkultur, Anyone?

Preservation Pointers: Amazing Zucchini

A Garden That Sings

Slugs - Slimy Pests in the Garden

Master Gardener Plant Exchange

Summer Gardening Guide

Master Gardeners in the Community

PDF 8/16/16
Spring 2016

Labyrinths in the Garden

Preservation Pointers: Cheery Cherries - A Fruity Favorite

Traveling Seeds

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

Why Build Green Roofs

Making Herb Oils and Vinegars

Spring Gardening Guide

PDF 8/16/16
Winter 2016

Pollinators in Our Garden: A Look at Leaf Cutters

Preservation Pointers: More About Lemonds

Pruning Roses

A Walk Through Irrigation

Liberty Garden and Greenhouse


Fall Gardening Guide

Master Gardener Resource Guide Coming Soon

PDF 8/16/16
Fall 2015

My Lawn is Browner than Your Lawn

Preservation Pointers: Citrus Treats

How Did They Do That?


Quarterly Pest Notes

You Say Tomato, I Say Solanum Lycopersicum

Fall Gardening Guide

Become a Master Gardener

PDF 8/16/16
Summer 2015

Peggy Martin...The Resilient Rose

Preservation Pointers: Pickling Pleasures

An Orchid Bee and a Bucket Orchid

New State Water Restrictions: What Solano County Gardeners Need to Know

Quarterly Pest Notes: Lawn Watering

Planting Your Winter Garden - It's Only Half-Time in the Garden Game

Summer Gardening Guide

Michael's Garden

The Great Iris Dig

PDF 8/16/16
Spring 2015

All About that Dirt

Preservation Pointers: Apricots-California Gold


More Flowering Plants at No Cost

Quarterly Pest Notes

Raiding Your Recycling Cart for Garden Supplies

Winter Gardening Guide

PDF 8/16/16
Fall 2014

Seeds for Saving

Preservation Pointers: Gifts from the Garden

Winterizing Your Garden


Quarterly Pest Notes

Fall Gardening Guide

PDF 8/16/16
Summer 2014

Growing Vegetables in Galvanized Containers

Preservation Pointers: Safe Summertime Salsas

Consider the Scuffle Hoe

Ten Reasons to Become a Master Gardener

Quarterly Pest Notes

Public Plant Exchange

Summer Gardening Guide

PDF 8/16/16
Spring 2014

Greywater and Your Landscape

Preservation Pointers: Post Harvest Tips for Fresh Produce

Trendy Tillandsia

Miniature Gardens

Irrigation and Landscape Tips to Save Water

Cash for Your Grass

Drought Resistant Roses

Spring Gardening Guide

PDF 8/16/16
Winter 2014

Growing Amaryllis - or is it Hippeastrum?

Preservation Pointers: English Walnuts

Lawn Replacement


Frost Protection for Citrus

Calendar of Events

Got a Question for the Master Gardeners?

Winter Gardening Guide

Who are the Master Gardeners?

Free Gardening Resources

PDF 8/16/16