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Landscape Trees

Many of us have trees in our landscape.  What you might not know is how valuable they are.  They provide us with a lot of benefits.  They are aesthetically pleasing, help purify the air we breathe, knock out noise, produce oxygen, and save energy in the summer by providing cooling shade and reduce wind in the winter.

If you love trees like the Master Gardeners do, then this page will help you in care for trees you have or will buy in the future.

Series of tree information from UC ANR publications:

Quality Nursery Tree Selection

Tree Selection

Training Young Trees for Structure and Form

Tree Planting

Tree Staking

Mature Tree Pruning

Very Important Tree Information: Don't Top Trees

Other information about trees and their care:

Planting Trees

Pruning Conifers

Pruning Trees

Selecting a Tree Care Professional

Landscape Trees from the California Garden Web can be located here.